Methods & Approaches to the Work

The approaches I use with your organization will be determined from a thorough assessment process and in partnership with you.

There are multiple methods I employ when working with organizations, all based on best practice strategies and grounded in my diverse academic and professional experience. You can learn more by following these links.

Linking Strategic Development with Diversity and Inclusion

Intercultural Organizational Development is a process of linking your organization’s overall strategic development with your strategic diversity and inclusion goals in order to become more effective in hiring and retaining staff, building effective multicultural teams, and serving your community.

Becoming an intercultural organization requires making your current organizational culture transparent. This goal can be achieved by intentionally working to support your organization in becoming more proficient in order to see, think about, and interact with cultural difference in increasingly complex ways.

Intercultural Organizational Development brings together vision, skill building, the development of policies and procedures, structural support and coaching. This combination helps you create an organization that is successful in meeting its goals, while also enjoying a healthy and supportive work environment for all.

“A movement organization is not a contradiction in terms, but it is, by definition, in tension. It is always a compromise between the ideals by which it judges itself and the realities of its daily practices…”
Ferree & Martin, 1995, p. 8

Working within social justice movements adds complexity to developing organizational capacity as movements (and the issues they address) are always in flux. Strengthening a movement organization requires an understanding of the local and national political context, and the historical trajectory of the social movement in which your organization is situated. How can we use these changing times to move away from reactive politics and toward more purposeful, transformational social change? How do we shape the nature and direction of social change rather than of reacting to, or catching up with it?

As your organization tries to negotiate the compromise that Ferree & Martin describe, I will assist you in exploring core questions about who you are, what you do, how you do your work, and with whom you are doing it. Organizations often ask such questions during a strategic planning process. However, In this particular moment in history, it is important for social change organizations to link their strategic plan with the strategic development of a movement for fundamental social transformation.

Guidance, Communication,& Support

Sometimes my role is to facilitate a community meeting with a definable goal, or provide a keynote address that links ideas and communities together in new ways. At other times it is to mediate between two or more parties who have reached a stumbling block in their working together, or simply to support an individual or an organization as they seek to grow their own vision.

Translating Ideas into Action

One of the greatest stumbling blocks for individuals and organizations is a lack of direction after the training or planning process is over. It is not always easy to translate ideas into workplans and then to stay with those plans on a daily basis. I am committed to your success, and will support you in implementing your plans for change into action by providing coaching. Depending on the particular situation, coaching may be provided on a regular basis or sporadically as the need arises in order to support the practical application of your vision.